Wholesale Enquiry


Interested in purchasing our fabrics at wholesale / trade rates? We can offer discounted rates to eligible businesses who wish to order in large quantities.

Application Process

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. We will check over your details to make sure your business is eligible to access wholesale rates.
  3. If your business is eligible for wholesale rates, we will send you a link to complete our sign up form.
  4. Once the sign up form is complete, you will receive an auto-response prompting you to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, our team will be notified and you will have the wholesale rates loaded into your account within 3 working days.
  6. Your first purchase must total in $200 USD (after discounts applied, before any shipping charges).
  7. After your first purchase, all following wholesale purchases have no minimum spend. There is a yearly minimum spend of $1200 to keep your account active. If your yearly spend drops below this we will require a wholesale purchase of $200 to re-activate your account.
  8. Wholesale orders are placed via email so we can check product availability and provide a shipping quote. Customers cannot access wholesale rates automatically when shopping online.

Eligibility Criteria

  • // Businesses must make the fabric into a product, fabric cannot be sold as-is.
  • // We do not offer wholesale rates to fabric or haberdashery stores.
  • // Businesses must have proof of credibility, this can be in the form of a website, instagram, facebook or other social media account.

Fabric Samples

We are able to supply 16 x 9cm samples for trade customers to reference, and generally we can send up to 9 free samples per enquiry. We can either post sample samples for free using our stamped, untracked service. Alternatively you can pay for DHL express which is a tracked service.

MOQ + Holds

Wholesale orders are supplied in increments of 1 metre. Our price breaks are set for individual fabrics/colours, so the meterage quantity cannot be combined across multiple colours to reach a higher price break. We are able to hold fabrics for wholesale customers for maximum period of 1 week. A longer hold is sometimes available for the exclusive fabrics ranges, and enquires can be made with the online manager.

Payments + tax

We are not able to offer monthly/on-account payment terms. Wholesale purchases can be paid using Paypal or Visa/Mastercard. We also accept Visa/Mastercard payments over the phone, and upon request, we can also accept bank transfers. Bank transfer payment is a slightly longer process as we need to liaise with our Head Office for confirmation of payment before fabrics can be released. The prices quoted will always be exclusive of VAT (tax), unless stated otherwise.


All charges are purely an on-charge of the freight cost and are outside of our control. Our online free shipping offer does not apply to fabrics purchased at wholesale rates.

Common FAQ's —

How do I get the wholesale rates each time I shop?

  1. Customers cannot access wholesale rates automatically when shopping online. Email contact@thefabricstoreonline.com

What methods of payment are accepted?

In store, you can make payment by cash, eftpos or Visa or Mastercard. Over the phone we can accept visa and master card payments and upon request we can also accept a bank transfer.
Please note that a bank transfer payment is a slightly longer process due to store staff having to liaise with HO in New Zealand for confirmation of payment before fabrics can be released.

Does this application allow me access to an monthly charge-up account?

No this application is for access to Trade Customer Pricing, all purchases are subject to cash sale terms.

For the price breaks, does the meterage have to be of the one fabric or can it be split between multiple items/colours?

The price breaks relate to individual items/colours so the meterage cannot be combined across multiple colours to reach a higher price break.

Can I order more meterage of the fabrics than what is available in my local store?

Yes, if its available! HO in New Zealand holds bulk stock in most of the Exclusive Fabrics and also in some Deadstock Fabric styles. Once the deadstock styles have sold out from HO and other stores, there will be no way to order that fabric from us again (see below for more information on Exclusive Fabrics). Your local manager can also liaise on your behalf to other store locations for finding extra meterage if HO doesn’t have what you are requiring.

How often do the exclusive ranges expand/change and how much notice will I get if a colour I’m using is discontinued?

With the exclusive fabrics and ranges, the seasonal colours change from time to time, but we do not work to a set schedule for these. Your local store manager can liaise with HO for specific information on items/colours for you based on your needs. We are not always able to give much advanced notice of colours being discontinued, but there is normally a final amount of stock available when the decision to discontinue happens, so If you are in a position of wanting to use an item/colour in an ongoing way please do alert your local manager and they will do their best to keep a monitor on it for you.

Can I get Trade Customer Pricing on fabrics from the Online Store?

Yes, you are able to purchase Online Store fabrics at trade prices, but we are unable to transfer any of these fabrics to your local store for purchase, instead you will liaise directly with the Online Store manager in NZ and the fabrics will be invoiced/shipped to you directly. These purchases will be in NZD and the applicable freight charge will be calculated on the size of your order. You can either ask your local manager to put you in touch with the Online Store manager, or reach out directly and mention that you are already a Trade Customer with a store location and they can get quotes etc ready for your purchase.

Can I get Trade Customer Pricing from my non-local Bricks & Mortar stores?

Yes, you can access fabric at trade prices in the other store locations if you are travelling, you just have to alert the staff member, of your company/trading name and which store database you are on and they can look that up for a discount on the day. If you are looking wanting to find fabrics that your local stores does not have, please use your local manager to do the outreach to all locations on your behalf as we are able to get that information efficiently through our internal channels.

I live out of town, how much does it cost to get fabric shipped to me?

This depends entirely on how much you purchase and what the fabric is. Your local manager will be able to provide an approximate freight quote for you as they prepare your order. All charges are purely an on-charge of the freight cost and are outside of our control. You are welcome to organise your own courier pick up, as long as it is picked up in a timely manner after the purchase.

Can I get fabric transferred to my local store?

Yes, however any fabrics transferred to your local store will only happen once payment is made in full and will still incur the shipping charges mentioned above. If HO is supplying your local store with your order, there is no shipping charge. We are unable to organise any international shipping from any store locations, so you can only order fabrics from a Trans-Tasman store if you have someone local to that store, to collect it, and ship on your behalf.

Will all of my purchasing history be kept on file in case I need to reference back to it?

A very limited amount of information will be on file, as we have a very manual based system. If you require compositions, price etc, we cannot guarantee that we can supply that information after the date of purchase, so please request anything that you require for your records on the date of purchase. This includes Tax Receipts, we are unable to issue duplicate receipts for your past purchases.

Will I be charged GST on the quoted prices as well?

Due to being primarily a retail store, the prices quoted will always be as GST inclusive prices, unless stated otherwise.

How long can I hold a fabric for?

We can hold fabrics in-store for maximum period of 1 week for Trade Customers. We are unfortunately not able to hold fabrics for longer than this, due to the limited amounts of available stock and marketing schedules that tie into the release of fabrics. A longer hold is sometimes available for the Exclusive Fabrics, this is dependent on stock levels and the delivery schedule of new stock into the HO Warehouse – just be in touch with your local Store Manager if this is something you want to look into!

Can I use your fabric photographs for my own marketing purposes?

We do not permit the use of our intellectual property by other businesses and/or individuals for commercial or industrial purposes. Intellectual property includes, but is not limited to, our photographic imagery, signage, logo and other branded print collateral. This means you are not able to use our photography (swatch shots, hang shots etc) in your own websites. Preparing and photographing our fabrics requires a significant investment, and we take this stance on copyright to ensure that we are able to best protect our brand identity.