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What Our Customers Say

"Shopping at The Fabric Store has completely elevated my skillset, my creativity and my understanding of how fabric works on the body- their beautiful, high quality textiles have both challenged and inspired me, and I wouldn’t be the maker I am today without them!”

Jasika Nicole, Try CuriousLos Angeles, USA

“The Fabric Store is absolutely AMAZING! I love this store because they offer beautiful, high quality fabrics that I can’t find anywhere else. Plus their staff are awesome which makes the shopping experience fantastic!”

Brittany J JonesSan Diego, USA

"Every time my package arrives I am amazed at the quality of the fabrics. I know that the fabrics are well made from orders in the past, but I am still surprised every time I get my package. They all wash beautifully including the merino wool! "

Victoria Lucille AnneAlabama, USA

"The Fabric Store has the best range of linens! I love their entire range of linen ginghams, and they have a wonderful curation of solid colors too."

Donny HoangWisconsin, USA