The Fabric Stores curated range of additional extras to help make your next project extra special. From Papercut Patterns, Kylie and the Machine Woven Labels, Liberty of London and Linen Bias Bindings to Color Matched Threads, our accessories are sure to come in handy!

Trocas Shell Button 12.7mm - Ivory ?id=16525762429009
Recycled Paper Button 25.4mm - Dark ?id=16525771276369
Recycled Paper Button 15mm - Dark ?id=16525770588241
Recycled Paper Button 25.4mm - Light ?id=27941902647377
Corozo Button 12.7mm - Brown ?id=16525768458321
Corozo Button 25.4mm - Brown ?id=16525769015377
Corozo Button 25.4mm - Natural ?id=16525765673041
Corozo Button 12.7mm - Natural ?id=16525767180369
Recycled Paper Button 15mm - Light ?id=16525764853841
Recycled Polyester Button 22.9mm - Brown ?id=16525763936337
Recycled Polyester Button 15mm - Brown ?id=27941902090321
Trocas Shell Button 12.7mm - Brown ?id=16525760823377